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New/Used printer, plotter sale Los Angeles and Orange County

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Refurbished printer sale | LaserJet printer sale | Laser Jet MFP for sale | DesignJet plotter sale Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside County.

Refurbished laser printer sale, LaserJet and DesignJets for sale with 1 year warranty!

Printer sale on fully refurbish HP LaserJet printer sale, Design Jet plotter for sale and Laser Jet MFP sale in Southern California, HP designjet plotter sale as well as refurbished wide format printers for sale with FREE delivery and setup in Los Angels and Orange County.

Refurbished HP DesignJet service and repair including refurbished HP 800 plotter series and refurbished HP design jet 800/800ps, hp designjet T770 plotters, HP design-jet t1100 44 inch, DesignJet 510 and HP Design jet Z3100 for sale. Refurbished HP LaserJet service and repair including refurbished HP 4250/4350, P4015, M601, M602, M603, M604, M605, M606 printers for sale.

We sell 11X17 LaserJet 9000, 9050, 5100, 5200 and color Laser Jet 5500 and 5550 printer for sale. Newer refurbished HP LaserJet M806 printer and used/refurbish HP Enterprise M830mfp are on sale with free setup and delivery in Southern California.

We sell refurbished color LaserJet printers and HP MFP's with original HP toner cartridges. We install original HP parts and maintenance kits to refurbish our LaserJet printers and plotters. We sell refurbished LaserJet printers and refurbished HP plotters to HP’s specification.

We also sell older LaserJet 4000/4050 and HP 4100 printers. We sell genuine HP toner cartridges part # C4127X and C8061X toner cartridges at discount price with free delivery in Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside County. We provide same-day and next day on-site warranty repair on refurbished LaserJet printers, plotters and HP MFP's. We sell refurbished LaserJet 5000/5100 sale, used 9000/9050 printer for sale, HP M4345MFP/4345MFP sale, HP color laserjet 4700 for sale and color 5500/5550 for sale,

Refurbished DesignJet plotter and LaserJet printer sale in Southern California?

We sell refurbished HP designJet plotter and LaserJet printers for less with more warranty period. Our refurbished printers and plotters carry all ner HP parts, Maintenance kits and original HP toner cartridges. Our used designjet and refurbished laserjet printers are guaranteed to last longer then other competetors due to original Hwelett Packard parts we replace.

Many Companies clean and test printer and if it works they sell it claiming “refurbished” printers.The refurbished printer you are about to buy for much lower price is it really refurbished? How long is the warranty and how long will it last for your business.

We have proviced service to Customers who have made mistakes buying cleaned and tested printers on-line which stopped working after few months. By looking at those failing printers we can tell that the maintenance kits and roller kits were not replaced and customers had no choice but repair their printers..

Refurbished HP LaserJet Printer sale with free delivery and setup in Orange County and Los Angeles California!

We sell refurbished laser printers and Color LaserJets to small and medium sized businesses. We offer refurbished HP printers in Southern, California.The only option besides new office equipment is refurbished printers, plotters and multifunction printers. We always stock fully refurbished HP LaserJet 4000, 4050, 4100, 4200, 4250, 4300, 4350, P3015 and Laser Jet 5000, 5100, 5200 as well as Color LaserJet 5500, 5550, 3600, 4600, 4650, 4700 and more.

Refurbished HP Design Jet plotter with free delivery and setup in Orange County and Los Angeles, California.

We sell fully refurbished wide format Design Jet plotter sale in Southern California. Our refurbished design jet plotters are sold with carry 1 year warranty on parts and labor. We replace all print heads, ink cartridges and service station to refurbish all plotters and run calibration test. Refurbish Designjet plotter sold to customers refer us business help us to sell more refurbish plotters. We use genuine HP plotter supplies to refurbish all Design Jet plotters for optimal prints.

Refurbished printers with HP parts, HP toner supplies and 1 year warranty!

Fully refurbished with genuine Hewlett Packard printer parts

Used HP LaserJet printers we sell Resurbished Laser printer price includes toner cartridges
Refurbished LaserJet 4000, 4000n printer sale Call- Sold with original HP toner cartridge
Refurbished LaserJet 4050/4050n printer sale Call- Sold with original HP toner cartridge
Refurbished Laser-Jet 4100/4100n printer sale Call- Sold with original HP toner cartridge
Refurbished LaserJet 4200/4200n printer sale $399 includes a new HP 38A toner cartridge
Refurbished Laser Jet 4300/4300n printer sale $499 comes with new HP 39A toner cartrige
Refurbished LaserJet 4250/4250n printer sale $499 includes toner cartridge part # HP 42A
Refurbished LaserJet 5Si/8000 printer sale Call for price includes a new HP 09A toner cartridge
Refurbished Laser-Jet 8100/8150 Call for price includes HP 82x toner cartridge
UseRefurbishedd HP Laser Jet 5000/5000n printer sale $550 with HP 29x toner cartridge
Refurbished LaserJet 5100/5100n printer sale Now $699 includes original HP29x toner cartridge
Refurbished LaserJet 4345mfp.M4345MFP for sale includes HP 45A toner cartridge
Refurbished HP LaserJet 500 MFP M575 includes all supplies, 4 toners
Refurbished Laser Jet 5 printer sale $299 includes HP 98A toner cartridge
Refurbished Color LaserJet 5500/5500n printer sale In Stock includes all 4 HP toner cartridge
Refurbished HP Color LaserJet 5550/5550n printer sale In Stock includes all 4 HP toner cartridge
Refurbished HP Color LaserJet 3600/3600n printer sale $550 includes all 4 HP toner cartridge
Refurbished HP Color LaserJet 3800/3800n printer sale $550 includes all 4 HP toner cartridge
Refurbished HP Color LaserJet 4700/4700n printer sale includes all 4 HP toner cartridge Call for best price
Refurbished HP LaserJet P4015/P4015n printer sale $550 includes HP 42A toner cartridge
Refurbish LaserJet M601, M602, M603 printer sale CALL - In Stock with new 90A toner cartridge

Prices for ALL fully refurbished HP LaserJet, Color laser printer sale as well as Design Jet plotter sale may subjet to change due to supply in demand. We will not be undersold on any refurbished HP printer products we sell.

Refurbished Designjet Plotter sale, used fully refurbish Plotter and printers!

DesignJet plotter sale in Southern California!

HP Design-Jet plotter description

HP DesignJet plotter models we sell

HP Designjet 1050C Plus Plotter sale C6074B | C6074BR
HP Designjet 1050C Plotter sale C6074A|C6074AR
HP Designjet 1055 CM Plotter sale C6075A|C6075AR
HP Designjet 1055CM Plus Plotter sale C6075B|C6075BR|CQ532A
HP Designjet 500 Plotter sale (24"/A1) C7769B | C7769BR
HP Designjet 500 Plotter sale (42-inch) C7770B | C7770BR
HP Designjet 510 Plotter sale (24") CH336A
HP Designjet 510 Plotter sale (42") CH337A
HP Designjet 5000 sale(42-inch) C6090A | C6090AR | C6090V | C6091A | C6091AR | C6091V
HP Designjet 5000 sale (60-inch) C6095A | C6095AR | C6095V | C6096A | C6096AR | C6096V
HP Designjet 5500 sale(42-inch) Q1251A | Q1251AR | Q1251V | Q1252A | Q1252AR | Q1252V
HP Designjet 5500 sale (60-inch) Q1253A | Q1253AR | Q1253V | Q1254A | Q1254AR | Q1254V
HP Designjet 800 Plotter sale (42-inch) C7780B | C7780BR | C7780C | C7780CR
HP Designjet 800PS sale (24"/A1) C7779C | C7779CR
HP Designjet T1100PS Plotter sale (24") Q6684A | Q6684AR/Q6683A | Q6683AR
HP Designjet T1100 Plotter sale (44") Q6687A | Q6687AR | Q6688A | Q6688AR
HP Designjet T1300 Plotter Sale CR651A
HP Designjet T1300PS Plotter Sale CR652A
HP Designjet T2300eMFP Plotter Sale CN727A
HP Designjet T2300eMFP PS Plotter Sale CN728A
HP Designjet T610 Plotter SAle (24") Q6711A | Q6711AR
HP Designjet T610 Plotter Sale (44") Q6712A | Q6712AR
HP Designjet T790 Plotter Sale (24") CR647A | CR648A
HP Designjet T790 Plotter sale (44") CR649A | CR650A
HP Designjet T7100 Sale CQ105A
HP Designjet Z2100 Sale (24") Q6675A | Q6675AR | Q6675D | Q6675B | Q6675BR
HP Designjet Z2100 Sale (44") Q6677A | Q6677AR | Q6677D
HP Designjet Z3100 Sale (24") Q5669A | Q5669AR | Q5669B|Q5669BR | Q5670A|Q5670AR
HP Designjet Z3100 Repair (44") Q6659A| Q6659AR | Q6660A|Q6660AR
HP Designjet Z3200 Sale (24") Q6718B/Q6720B

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We offer refurbished LaserJet 4000/4050, 4100, 4200/ 4300, 4250/4350, P4014/P4015/P4515, M601/M602, 8000, 8100/8150, 9000/9040/9050 printers for sale. Our fully refurbished Color LaserJet 3600/3800, 4600/4650, 5500/5550 and 4700 printers for sale. Laser-Jet M4345mfp/4345mfp sale with free delivery. We also offer refurbished DesignJet 500/510/800, 5500/5550, T1100/T1120, T1200/T1300, Z5200, Z3200 plotters for sale in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino.

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